“You there! Dickens! Dickens, the Christmas Man! With your Scrooge and your Spirits and sudden conversions! Why do you make up such stories?”

These unpleasant words from the young Algernon Charles Swinburne spur Dickens to think...and to write a very special tale.

To Begin With tells the story.

Plans for U.K. performances of
To Begin With are in the works.
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The Daniel Group, LLC’s mission is
to provide good, wholesome,
top-quality, professional theater
and other entertainment that positively impacts audiences.

Executive Producer Dennis Babcock's vision is to use a core group of personnel to help multiple productions succeed,
and to choose productions that will be bursts of light in the often dark world
of entertainment.

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Triple Espresso will be at the Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, MN Nov. 10-12
and at the New Century Theatre in Minneapolis, Nov. 23 - Jan. 8.

That Wonder Boy will perform in Cheshire, Connecticut Nov. 17-20, 2016 and in Minneapolis March 14-26, 2017.

To Begin will be in Minneapolis March 28-April 16, 2016

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